Our Team Members

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Community Healing

Sound Baths

Community Healing is an incredible team grounded by Lyla and Matt. They provide free bimonthly sound baths, open mics and vegan potlucks for all people, especially people of color. They are centered in Southern California.


Sasha B.


Sasha will be introducing Ayurveda to kids and their parents. This is great preventative medicine during this pandemic. Sasha has studied at the California College of Ayurveda and will be attending Kerala Academy to deepen her practice. ​


Indy Rishi Singh

Cosmic Mystic

Indy will take everyone on a mythic sound journey. Expect to unleash your superpowers and reconnect with nature and sound during this unique dive.


Masha K

Self Love Yoga Practice

Masha will lead a beautiful yoga practice that works for kids and for adults alike. She will be focusing on self-love and empowerment during this special session. ​


Atom Rose

Bhakti Vibration Drum Circle

Atom Rose is a musical shaman, sharing music as a healing tool. His session will bring together everyone listening to participate and make sound together, as we weave a thread of cosmic unity.


Semira Mansour

Mathematics (Sacred Geometry)

Semira will be introducing the magic in math in a fun perspective connecting nature and geometry. Semira is a powerful social justice warrior and has a #1 best selling book empowering women.


Mick Lorusso

Cosmic Science & Art

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Nessa Varez

Conscious Cooking

Nessa will be leading a fun and interactive cooking class. She is a prominent social media influencer leading in the fields of nutrition, self development, yoga and fitness. Nessa speaks a handful of languages and has traveled all over the world being of service.


Cody Channel

Fairy tarot

Cody will be leading an introduction to tarot using the amazing fairy tarot deck. She will talk about the power of fairies and how we can be happier and healthier with them in mind.


Charlie Trinh

Astrology, Technology & Plants

Charlie will be sharing two different courses. He with share an Astrology for Kids class where he will share his extensive knowledge in an easy and fun way. Later, he will share the wisdom of plants based on what he has been studying with TCM.


Jenny Ghottra

Bollywood Ecstatic Dance

Jenny is a Bollywood actress with years of experience in various dance forms. She will be leading an ecstatic dance class for kids and parents that will tune into the subconscious while including breathwork and stretching. Put on a fun outfit and dance like you've never danced before!

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